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How to place my own ads in my guide?

„My-Guide“ gives you the possibility to earn money with your knowledge. Simply write your own articles and place your advertisement. This article will show you step by step how to place your own advertisement for your own guide.

First you have to login into your „My-Guide“ account. If you still have no account you can register for free and begin right away.

On the right side you will see a small menu with  „Settings“ und „User“. Now you have to klick on the „Users“ link.

On the left side you will see the „My-Guide AdManager“. This is the configuration menu for your own advertisement blocks.

Please klick on „My-Guide AdManager“.

Now you will see an overview of your adverstisement status.

Operator Ads“ will show you the settings of your advertisement blocks. There you see if the operator (in this case „“) places his own advertisement blocks.

  • active“ – Operator Ads are enabled.
  • inactive“ – Operator Ads are disabled.

User Ads Active?“shows you the status of your own advertisement blocks.

  • active“ – User Ads are enabled.
  • inactive“  – User Ads are disabled or not defined.

Your Actual Ratio“ shows you the ratio of „Operator to User“ Ads. E.g. in the picture you see a ratio of 1:1. So the operator ads alternates to the user ads in a equal ratio. Another example: If you see a ratio of 2:1 the operator ad will be placed two times for every placement of your own ad, etc…

If you deactivate your advertisement you will get a warning that your advertisement block is inactive. This should prevent you from accidentally disabling your ads.

At the bottom part of the „My-Guide AdManager“ you see the „Settings“ region for your adverstisement. There are five areas where you can place your own adverstisement blocks. Generelly these areas are „Header“, „Top“, „Content“, „Bottom“ and „Sidebar“. For every area you see a picture with a precise description.  If you klick on the picture you will get a larger view of the picture.


You want to place adevertisement in the  „Top-Section“ .

First copy your advertisement code (e.g Google Adsense) in the Top-Section field. Then activate your advertisement at the check mark „Active“ and press the „Save Settings“ Button. After the activation of your advertisement block you will see  a change at the „User Ads Active?“ overview from „inactive“ to  „active“.  According to your ratio value your own advertisement will be placed.

Here is an overview of all areas and positions where you can place advertisement:

Please pay attention that not every template has the five areas. There could be less areas where you can place advertisement blocks. In that case only adevertisement will be placed in existing areas.